Day 22

Day 22 – Favorite non-sexual relationship

You know, I think I have to say Polgara and Belgarath here. Annoying as their banter gets, it’s still really quite funny and entertaining. And who wouldn’t get thoroughly pissed off with their father over 5000 or so years? Especially if you started off angry. Plus, I’ve just re-read the Belgariad, and it’s still fresh in my mind. The one thing that bugged me was the assumption that basically Polgara always gets her way. I think this is tempered in her eponymous book, where you get to see the sacrifices she made along the way and more clearly her relationship with all of her family.

Other favourites include Jane and Lizzie, Silk and Barak, Leaf and Arthur… and lots more that I can’t remember.

4 responses

  1. Leaf and Arthur FTW! Or Arthur and Suzy … but I’m only half way through Lady Friday, so there’s still time for Arthur and Suzy, so don’t spoil it. BUT THEY’RE ONLY 12!

    1. I like Arthur and Suzy too, don’t worry. And yes, they’re young – I don’t remember an age ever being mentioned – but that’s why I like them as a non-sexual friendship!!

  2. I remember the Belgarath book being mostly padding and stuff we knew already, but the Polgara one actually provided depth & detail to her life. And yes I did for the most part enjoy their relationship, though I liked Polgara’s relationship with the “uncles” better, especially Beldin.

    1. I think you’re right, although I do remember way back then ‘enjoying’ learning about his grief at Poledra’s death, and his craziness afterwards. Polgara is definitely a better book – and yes, she and Beldin have a most awesome relationship. I think she practiced him so she could be comfortable around the Nadraks…

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