Day 30

Day 30 – What book are you reading right now?

So, I went away, and I considered automating this but I didn’t. So… when I should have answered this, I was reading the anthology The Beastly Bride, compiled by Ellen Datlow, and it was brilliant. But I read that in a day, so I’m not reading it right now.

What I am, at least in theory, reading at the moment, includes:
The Secret Feminist Cabal, by Helen Merrick, which I am hoping to finish before the semi-official launch of said book at AussieCon4 in OH MY GOSH less than a fortnight;
Legends of Australian Fantasy, an anthology from Jonathan Strahan and Jack Dann – I’ve read four stories so far, by Nix, Canavan, Marillier and Carmody, and I am loving it!
Holy Machine, by Chris Beckett, which I’ve only just started and really ought to hurry up and read in order to review it (hi, Alisa…).

Why yes, there are three books listed there. This is not actually an unusual situation for me.

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