Monthly Archives: March, 2005

Fish stories

Well, it has been a while…

It must have been a few weeks ago now that I got them, because 8 rainbow widows (a type of tetra) are now in the main tank; the 10 glowlight tetras could also be in there, but I’ve left them in the qt. I like the widows a lot; I think they’re quite a pretty pink. A couple are a bit runty, so I hope they come through all right.

On the weekend, we decided to get some more; it was exciting… the tank is still a bit bare, I feel. Got two itty-bitty bristlenoses, who are really cute; 10 more neons, because J is obsessed; and three expensive little cloaches, again because J is a bit obsessed. However… tonight, all of a sudden, there seems to be a dying cloach, which is a bit tragic. We wonder now whether the cloaches should have gone straight into the main tank, as being much more mature than the qt; too late to second guess ourselves now, although I have moved one of the healthier cloaches over tonight. The only reason I haven’t moved the other one is that I can’t actually find it when I want to! Weird. And slightly disturbing.

Here’s hoping that I have two cloaches left tomorrow, and that they last a long time.