About me

I am the editor of two award-winning non-fiction anthologies: first, Letters to Tiptree, with Alisa Krasnostein, in 2015. It won the Locus Award for Non-Fiction and the British Fantasy Award for Non-Fiction, along with the William Atheling Award for Review or Criticism and the Convenors’ Award for Excellence at the Aurealis Awards. Secondly, in 2017 I edited Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E Butler with Mimi Mondal. It too won the Locus Award for Non-Fiction; it was nominated for the Hugo Award and shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award.

For ten years, I was one third of the podcasting team at Galactic Suburbia. We’ve won a Hugo Award for best Fancast, the Peter McNamara Convenors’ Award for Excellence (Aurealis Awards), and two Ditmar Awards for Best Fan Production.

This blog began life as an attempt to chronicle my fishkeeping exploits with a four-foot tropical tank. I don’t know whether anyone ever read those sad fishy tales of water chemistry and death; all of the fish are now long gone, and even the tank has moved on to (hopefully) a better home.  Today, the blog mostly consists of somewhat random thoughts revolving around science fiction books and movies, feminism, and other such stimulating topics.

That picture up the top is of Cappadocia, Turkey, one lovely January dawn. I took it while floating in a hot air balloon.

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  1. […] press, which published the two novellas Ian recommended for our August OA podcast episode), and Alex Pierce discuss SF fandom from a feminist perspective. I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but […]

  2. Alex, the interview with you and the rest of the Galactic Suburbia crew is live: http://wp.me/p4T72p-g1
    It was great to chat to you all!

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