Daily Archives: September 5th, 2003

One dead molly in the qt

13-15 live molly fry in the main tank.

Don’t know what killed the molly; all readings are fine – nitrite 0, and nitrates about 5 or so.

The main male molly has rediscovered his interest in the female, now that she’s hatched her latest brood. It’s interesting – his head has gone very yellow, all of a sudden. Maybe it’s an indication of his sexual activity; who knows.

We played with the airstones and under gravel filter today. One side has basically stopped blowing bubbles. James thinks the airstones got a bit stuffed. He also took the motor apart and decided it was getting pretty worn out. He’s changed it so that both chambers of the airpump are being used. As a result, it’s now blowing an amazing amount of bubbles, which I guess is a good thing; get the UGF going, anyway.