It's been a long time, again

Quite a lot has happened in the fish world while I have been largely in communicado. That was after we moved and didn’t have the internet, and then we did have the internet just not on my computer (still the case; have been promised improvement Soon). Since we haven’t transferred the old entries yet I can’t remember where I have got up to, so I may well repeat myself…

We moved. All but the mollies died. We bought new fish (2 bristlenose, 3 cloaches… cos we are silly and wanted to act way too fast); they died also, in a couple of weeks. Highly traumatic.

I bought some new plants. The Lizard Tongue seems to be going ok-ish (not completely dead); the Dragon Flame thing (which was beautiful… and this is starting to feel very familiar, so I think this is a repeat) is all gone – just didn’t cope, for some reason; and the dwarf Amazon Sword is making a serious takeover bid of at least one side of the tank. It has heaps of Sword Clones popping up on runners, which I must admit is very exciting. There’s at least 6 of them now.

So on the weekend… we went fish shopping. It’s been a while, and we figure the tank really is properly stable now. We went on Sunday, and decided we might as well go for a real road trip. The first place we went to was a complete and utter waster of time. Poor range of fish, not overly healthy looking tanks (some of them), and just generally not appealing. Then… because we were half way there and curiosity has been killing us… we made the trek to Boronia, to see whether it really does deserve its reputation.

Pretty much, yes.

It was a great aquarium: well set up, great range of fish, lots of other stuff. James was very excited by the range of cichlids. The one thing that disappointed me was the service; I think it was just the one guy who served us, and maybe his excuse was that it was 4.30 on a Sunday… but still. Anyway: we bought two bumblebee gobies, which is Very Exciting as I have been eyeing them off for a while now; two Siamese Algae Eaters (I had forgotten just how much I like them, dancing around); and the last two Madagascan Rainbow Fish. These last two were a spontaneous purchase… they were the last two left in the tank, and looked lonely. That’s my excuse. They turn out to be a male and a female, which could turn out to be interesting. It could also turn out to be not great for them, because apparently they like to be in larger groups. However, we shall see; hopefully they’ll go ok, and maybe if I ever see more I will get some more.

And today, I went to Coburg and bought some plants: a little pot-thing of Hair Grass, and some Hygrophilia (spelling?), which is largely purple. I also got 10 neons, to keep James happy. So the qt is stocked to the max, almost, and James is being a pedantic pain and saying we have to keep them all in there for 3 weeks. Three weeks! It might kill me. I moved the not-dominant male molly yesterday too, because he was really getting bullied by the alpha. Today the alpha seems to be acting Very Oddly… standing on his tail… as he has on and off for a few days, James says. Sigh. And the baby male seems to be gay.

Did I mention there is a surviving baby? I thought they were all dead. Well, they might actually be now; I thought they were all gone, then a fortnight or so later I saw a baby and rejoiced; and I haven’t seen it again for a couple of days now.

This is ridiculously long.

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