Revitalising as a teacher

I’ve just been at a VATE Beginning Teachers’ Conference, which was fantastic. Much too short, actually: you had to choose 2 sessions from 8, so personally I think they should have had it over 2 days (I almost wouldn’t have minded were it Friday and Saturday), so that you could do 4 or even 5 sessions. Anyway… I think I am a little more enthused about teaching English now. It’s been getting me down a bit. I realised a few things I should change that should both change student attitudes to me and the class and my attitudes to the whole teaching thing; hopefully this will be healthy. I also bought a book on teaching films and one on teaching poetry; I think these will be useful, because they are two things I’m really keen on. If only HTAV did the same, and I could get re-enthused about History. I might go and visit their offices, and see what material I can pick up there.

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