Monthly Archives: September, 2004

Lotsa books

I’ve read a couple of books over the last week or so. It’s been fun to be on holidays.

Something Rotten – by Mr Fforde, whom I saw last Thursday – more about that later.

Grim Tuesday – by Garth Nix, which again was awfully entertaining. I can’t wait to read Wednesday.

Artemis Fowl – by Eoin Cowler. Also very entertaining, looking forward to reading the rest of them. I like the idea of the main character being a 12yo criminal matermind with some family issues.

The Gutenberg Revolution – by John Man, just for something slightly different.

Right not I’m reading two books. This is because the one I was already reading, the Empyrion omnibus by Stephen Lawhead (yes, like a cross between Hyperion and Endymion, but very very different and hopefully not so disappointing as that’s conclusion was… I’m still not over that), was too enormous to carry to the HTAA conference I went to today (and tomorrow, and Thursday). So I took along Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman, which I’ve been meaning to read for ages – it’s all about what it’s like in “Girl World”: aimed at mothers and daughters, but I think it will be really useful to read as a teacher too. So far it’s been pretty good; not entirely sure if/whether I’ll be able to put it into practice.

A disappointing Firebird

Have just finished Michael Asher’s Firebird, one of the books I got from Walkerville Library. It was an excellent story… right up to about a fifth to go. Then it got stupid. It was almost like he had this great story going and couldn’t really figure out a way to end up, and so added in this stupid bit (aliens; rarely a good idea outside of good scifi, and only then when it’s obvious they will feature) in order to bring it a not-very-dramatic conclusion.

Sigh. And I decided to finish reading that rather than jump straight into Fforde’s fourth, Something Rotten. My restraint is incredible… I’m writing this rather than starting it, even now!

And people think it's ME who's obsessed with the snail

Oh no. It isn’t me. On the grounds that I would like to stay married, I shall forebear from mentioning any names… but a Certain Person had a dream the other night about Ajax.

In the dream, Ajax bit him on the hand.



When the mussel is open – which it is mostly; when it is closed, I get very worried that it has died – there is the odd bit at one end. While the rest of it is covered in this film – I guess it’s like mucous or something – this bit at the end reminds me of whale baleen. We’ve decided it must be where the mussel actually does its filtering work, since there’s nowhere else for water to go in. It’s actually quite exciting.

The word you are searching for is ‘incorrigible’

I went to Coburg yesterday.

I really wanted to get some gourami, but the girl said normal ones can get to be 8-10″ long, and also get quite aggressive when they’re that big, so I decided to leave off. I did, however, buy 4 yiddle black and white angels; they’re so cute. They’re only about 2cm long, if that, in the body. It will be fun to watch them grow. I also got mussel, just for the heck of it. Doesn’t do much… apparently they can move, so I’m looking forward to having that happen…