Monthly Archives: August, 2004


Very exciting: I raided Robyn’s garden in the ‘Rat, and have a big lot of succulents to pot. She has lots, thanks to the former owners, which is very nice for me. I also have a bit of rosemary, which I really hope will take – didn’t, last time.

Too, when I came home, I swear the roses had doubled in buds over the weekend. Which was nice. I also decided that I wasn’t going to leave my flowers out in the garden where few people see them – not even me that much – so I cut the daffs and brought them in, and some moonlights too. I really hope I get some jonqs – they haven’t flowered yet…


One of the Colombians seems to have dropsy… he is looking decidedly pine cone-ish. I’m sad. And he refuses to be caught; he’s still very quick.

The chain plant is doing very well.


I have given my cute little bristlenose catfish a name. It isn’t very original, but I like it: Fido.

There are three or four bits of the chain plant that have spouted their own suckers, which are going in different directions; that’s fairly exciting.

The angels appear quite happy in the main tank. I caught one of them having a nip at Fido the other day; I told him off. Bad angel.

Thunder storm

And there it started; hail and all. Fairly heavy rain for a few minutes, although it’s settled down now. Everything electrical flickered – the DVD player reset itself and the stereo started itself up. How exciting.

Tears of the Sun

I watched this movie today because a good friend of mine suggested it as for a film study with my Human Rights class. I had intended that they do Cry Freedom – and we did watch it – but they didn’t like it, and many paid no attention, so I threw that out the window (it wasn’t my assignment anyway) and decided to find something else. And while this is fictional, I am so going with this; it’s a good movie, easy to watch – Cry Freedom was a bit too long and too old for most of the students to tolerate without a big incentive, and no an assignment is not a big enough incentive. Pretty brutal, too, which I think might be useful for the students to see… most hadn’t even heard of Sudan (“do you mean Saddam, miss?”) at the start of the semester, and that was when it was finally getting into the papers! Anyway… enough of that rant… it was a good movie.

Hoorah! for warm weather

Particularly when you have two loads of washing to dry.

That makes me sound like my Mum. Not to worry; that’s fine by me.

Anyway… fabulous weather yesterday and today… last night was so nice, I really felt like going to a party. And today too – it feels to me like a cool break after some rather warm weather in summer. Which I know is a very strange feeling to have at the fag end of winter. I’m concerned that the beginning of spring will now be greeted with a spell of frost, which would make me incredibly sad. I will enjoy it nevertheless, and hope that spring manages to have rain for our dams but also be warm-ish.

I just heard some thunder, which is unsurprising if this is like a cool spell in summer. Effective impetus for getting the washing in, though.

Ajax – Super Snail

J has a new macro lens for his digital camera… and has forgotten how to log on as himself.

Ajax - Super Snail


Always nice to come home after a couple of days and see how the garden is – particularly at the moment, with bulbs happening. The daffs are looking well; have a couple more bells out, which is nice; and I think the third hyacinth might be growing, which is very odd indeed. The climbing rose is looking nice with its white flowers – Mum feels a bit guilty because we had a hack at it and might have chopped off lots of flower potential. Oh well; can’t have been too unhappy if it’s decided to flower anyway.

Looking at Mum’s and Aunty Allison’s gardens has given me all sorts of ideas. Allison has a very shady spot she’s basically turning into a fernery, but with some other stuff too: I am so going to find myself some helleborus, I love it! And I’m going to try alyssum and violas in the front and just let them go a bit wild. Very exciting. I keep having to remind myself not to do anythign drastic (like remove the hedge) until autumn, when we’ve been here a year and have seen all the garden has to offer. I must also remember to see if I can find a home for the hedge, come ripping-out time. Which reminds me: the possibly-violets in the courtyard, behind the hedge, which I thought J might have killed with the ladder, have ressurected themselves. I rather wondered if they might do that.

Angel moving

Decided the angels were quarantined long enough – they got moved tonight. Seemed a bit lost when first they got into the big tank, and although I had fed the tank about an hour before I gave them a bit more food because the Colombians, in particular, were making overtures of aggression that I decided to nip in the bud (and other appropriate cliches).

I think one of the neons in the qt has been et. I have only been able to seen 2 for the last couple of days. Curious; I think it was the fattest one, too.

Drinking Midnight Wine

My “I need to read at the airport and REFUSE to take Dart-Thorntot with me” book. A Simon Green, but less dark than his usual stuff, which was refreshing. Quite odd and very entertaining; I was worried it was going to morph into needing a sequel but this story has avoided it, although of course there is always room for another with the same characters. Highly recommended.

Now I need to get back to the Deathstalker series, but a) I think I’ll have to read the lot again, and that will be a bit painful – they’re so dark; and b) I know something bad is going to happen (thanks a lot, Kate). So I’m in denial.