Daily Archives: August 21st, 2004

Thunder storm

And there it started; hail and all. Fairly heavy rain for a few minutes, although it’s settled down now. Everything electrical flickered – the DVD player reset itself and the stereo started itself up. How exciting.

Tears of the Sun

I watched this movie today because a good friend of mine suggested it as for a film study with my Human Rights class. I had intended that they do Cry Freedom – and we did watch it – but they didn’t like it, and many paid no attention, so I threw that out the window (it wasn’t my assignment anyway) and decided to find something else. And while this is fictional, I am so going with this; it’s a good movie, easy to watch – Cry Freedom was a bit too long and too old for most of the students to tolerate without a big incentive, and no an assignment is not a big enough incentive. Pretty brutal, too, which I think might be useful for the students to see… most hadn’t even heard of Sudan (“do you mean Saddam, miss?”) at the start of the semester, and that was when it was finally getting into the papers! Anyway… enough of that rant… it was a good movie.

Hoorah! for warm weather

Particularly when you have two loads of washing to dry.

That makes me sound like my Mum. Not to worry; that’s fine by me.

Anyway… fabulous weather yesterday and today… last night was so nice, I really felt like going to a party. And today too – it feels to me like a cool break after some rather warm weather in summer. Which I know is a very strange feeling to have at the fag end of winter. I’m concerned that the beginning of spring will now be greeted with a spell of frost, which would make me incredibly sad. I will enjoy it nevertheless, and hope that spring manages to have rain for our dams but also be warm-ish.

I just heard some thunder, which is unsurprising if this is like a cool spell in summer. Effective impetus for getting the washing in, though.

Ajax – Super Snail

J has a new macro lens for his digital camera… and has forgotten how to log on as himself.

Ajax - Super Snail