Daily Archives: August 30th, 2004


Very exciting: I raided Robyn’s garden in the ‘Rat, and have a big lot of succulents to pot. She has lots, thanks to the former owners, which is very nice for me. I also have a bit of rosemary, which I really hope will take – didn’t, last time.

Too, when I came home, I swear the roses had doubled in buds over the weekend. Which was nice. I also decided that I wasn’t going to leave my flowers out in the garden where few people see them – not even me that much – so I cut the daffs and brought them in, and some moonlights too. I really hope I get some jonqs – they haven’t flowered yet…


One of the Colombians seems to have dropsy… he is looking decidedly pine cone-ish. I’m sad. And he refuses to be caught; he’s still very quick.

The chain plant is doing very well.