The State of the Tank Address

We’re happy little fishies again, and there will be no betta moving in for the foreseable (one e or 2?) future. After three doses with some green stuff, there are no more white bits hanging off my Colombians, and they are almost back to eating like piranhas. There is only one rasbora, of course, and no rainbows… guess they must not have been very strong. Fido the catfish is well (J – who says that I write more about the fish than I do about him, but really, what am I going to say here that he really wants the world to know? – thinks he is getting fat) (did you follow that parentheses-within-a-parentheses?), as are all the angels. And in other news – in the other tank – Ajax seems to be happier now than he ever has been; regularly cruising around with his second, enormous set of feelers out, galloping around the tank. I think the holes in his shell might still be getting worse, but I can’t be sure.

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