Dungeons and Dragons, and Dark Crystal

With J out tonight, I’ve got a couple of flicks I want to see but J probably wouldn’t: at the moment I’m watching D&D. I’ve never played it, but I’ve wanted to see it since it came out – love those dragons (it has made me more determined to, at some stage, actually get around to writing my survey of dragons in literature, and maybe to extend it to films…). Anyway; enjoying it so far. I thought I recognised Ridley, the main character, and turns out it’s Jimmy from Lois and Clarke – I did think he was a spunk when I watched the show.

Later that same night
“So talented, eh Mr Ridley”… love a bit of movie-within-movie referencing. Speaking of which, they obviously couldn’t think of a more impressive way of doing magic swordfights than the lightsaber trick.

This was a pretty crap movie, as expected. Dagomar was probably the one redeeming character – a far more interesting villain than Profean, who was such a waste of Jeremy Irons. Thora Birch was a try-hard version of the Empress in Neverending Story; tell me, how would a teenage empress get to hearing about ideals of democracy and be convinced that they were a good idea? The dwarf was pathetic; the elf had potential, except for that breastplate, which was exactly that. And Marina… well, we won’t even mention her.

I guess I was anticipating a fairly average movie, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Yet later that same night
Seems to be the night for similarities to Neverending Story: the nasty chitinous beasties in Dark Crystal seem to be very similar to the equally nasty chitinous beasties in the sequel. I’m guessing that this might be the original, though, actually, because I think this is older even than the original.

I am enjoying it still – I think the last time I watched it was on the eve of my 19th birthday while I was at college. The main reason I remember that is because the next morning when I got up I discovered a remarkable portrait of Fizz-gig under my door, courtesy of Krick. I still think he is one of the cutest pets yet invented.

As the Chamberlain says, MMMmmm…

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