I looked in my fish tank this morning, before I went to work (erk; first day back) – this is not something I always do. Anyway, I noticed the biggest silver angel seemed to have something in its mouth, and was busy trying to swallow it. I thought it was a bit of plant. Turns out, after I looked at it again from a different angle, that it was the tail of a tetra. I knew it was a tetra because there was a little bit of red poking out of its mouth, and then the tail flukes sticking out. Cannibal! Carnivore! I know angels prey on tetras in the wild, but it doesn’t mean I have to feel good about it. 😦

The tank does look very nice, though; the lily plant is taking over one side of the tank again, so I will have to hack it on the weekend. There are still a lot of tetras mooching around, too.

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