Revisiting old posts

How interesting. I was looking back over some old posts and realised that I hadn’t actually accounted for some fish that I had mentioned, way back in about April I think it was. Well… it said then that we bought three cloaches, and one of them died. The one that I moved to the main tank survived, and is now cruising about the tank very happily; the other one, that was already looking a bit sickly in the qt, died. So did the two new bristlenoses; I wonder whether they too ought to have straight to the main tank. Sigh. We moved some of the neons to the main tank, and the glowlights too. So the main tank now has:
2 Monster Angels
1 normal angel
1 cloach
7 or so Colombian tetras
8 or so widows
8 or so glowlight tetras
7 or so neon tetras
8 or so harlequin rasboras
1 bristlenose catfish (Fido)
2 Siamese Algae Eaters

And the qt has a few neons and the Last of the Babies (mollies, that is).

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