Mentioned in a thesis!

My dear friend AB finished her thesis and handed it in on Monday – hurrah! And I got a mention in the thanks section, which I think is rather nice – I helped with some proofreading. Not a whole lot, but I picked up some things, which I hope were useful. Anyway, based on the relief of handing in an Honours thesis (oh, such a long time ago…), I can imagine the joy of handing in a Masters.

Go AB!

3 responses

  1. But you are the bestest proofreader! Thanks Alex!! Owe you some champers and a lamb shank 🙂
    Oh, and yeah, it’s feeling better every day and with every desk purge.

  2. And by the way your link to me is broken. fyi.

  3. Should be all fixed now…

    I am so in the mood for lamb shank goodness. Might have to go to the markets and find some…

    PURGE that desk!

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