New Ceres

Not a review of mine, but of me! Amazing.

Yes, I have forgotten to mention that I have, amazingly, been published. In a fictional way. You should definitely go and have a look at New Ceres anyway, not just because of me, but I could be an additional incentive…. Of course, you have to pay – but $5 is, like, less that fish and chips. About the same as a block of Lindt chocolate. Easy!

The idea behind New Ceres is that it is a world, set a few hundred years in the future, where the people (the government? the people in charge?) have decided to keep the planet in the eighteenth century. Permanently. So there’s the groovy 18th century stuff – coffee house, manners, clothes – but you’ve got the possibility of illicit technology as well. Nice little combination, as far as I’m concerned. I have to say, I am more fond of issue 1 (which was/is free) – Tansy Rayner Roberts’ story of La Duchesse and Dirk Flinthart’s George Gordon and Dorian Wilde are simply sublime. But the stories in issue 2 are also very cool, and show how the community is meant to work – authors taking up characters suggested by others, which is a beautiful thing.

Go there. Buy a subscription. It’s very much worth it.

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