The End of the World as we know it. Again.

So a friend of mine was just showing me Facebook. I have received ‘invites’ to this before, and ignored them, because I figured it was just going to be like MySpace. I was, I admit, pleasantly surprised by how not-MySpace it is, and the fact that you can link up with people you know and write on their ‘walls’ is kind of cool and reminds me of college – writing on stick-it notes on people’s doors.

So I have, indeed, set one up for myself, and it is sort of cool. It’s a nice little ego-booster when someone adds you as a friend.

But. Two buts.

1. I can see that this could, potentially, take up a lot of time. Which reminds me very strongly of the day I downloaded by RSS reader for the sole purpose of reading the squister’s blog while she was overseas. And then I thought – I wonder if there are any good history blogs out there? Ha! I say. Ha!

2. It’s very… public. And the fact that other people can tag you in pictures is mildly disconcerting. It’s good that you can deny knowledge of it, but still… a bit weird. I guess if you were really, really worried about your privacy you wouldn’t join it anyway.

So… it will be interesting to see how long it keeps its appeal for me.

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