Daily Archives: April 21st, 2008

It’s just so wrong

So very, very wrong.

My love and I both had crap days. We both got home tonight feeling the need for utter mindlessness, so when we discovered The World is Not Enough waiting for us, it felt like fate.

It’s just such utter crap!

Denise Richards – Dr Christmas Jones – argh! What an embarrassment to the sorority of Bond girls everywhere!

Even Sophie Marceau is pretty crap. And I loved Hamish Macbeth, but Robert Carlyle is also quite average.

As for Pierce Brosnan… well, it’s reaching Roger Moore levels of stupid one-liners, in this one. The stunts aren’t quite as daft as they get in the next one – and the speed boat chase is pretty cool – but still, I feel quite impatient watching it a second (third? Can’t remember) time.

Perfect, though, for a Monday night with the need to do nothing.