Daily Archives: September 14th, 2008

I love fans

I love the internet, and I love fans.

Because truly, Star Trek as the A-Team? Does it get any better?

Just the titles… but surely this could be the start of something bigger?

Two utterly different movies

1. Aeon Flux. I love this movie. I love the look, I love Theron, I love Csokas… it’s just wonderful. I’ve never seen the animated series and from the stills I don’t want to. For me, this movie exists in glorious isolation. Yes, there are vague resonances with cloning issues today (and it could be interesting to draw parallels between it and Children of Men), but they’re not important for my enjoyment of the film. It’s just cool, and it remains so – this must be the third time I’ve seen it, and I could probably rewatch it every year or so.

2. Dukes of Hazzard. One that, frankly, I thought I would never bother to watch, but it was just sitting there, and J convinced me we should give it a go. So, OK, it’s hilarious in spots. And there’s not quite as much of Jessica Simpson’s boobs as I had expected. The car chases are fun to watch; Luke and Bo are an enjoyable duo, and it’s played well by Scott and Knoxville. Boss Hogg could have been a bit more evil, I thought – he wasn’t quite as hateful as I anticipated. And heck, who doesn’t like a spot of Willie Nelson being a moonshine-swilling, Korean War vet? So it was entirely appropriate fun for a Saturday night.

A revelation

So, I had a minor epiphany a while back.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. After all, one of my high school teachers teasingly called me a Femonazi Godbotherer way back in Year 12 (it really was teasing, and not offensive, despite how it sounds). I’ve been a loud feminist for a few years now.

But it was only the other day that I realised, with something of a shock, that humanity’s default position is Male. When people think of Human, even women tend – I think – to imagine Man (I know, stereotype there), and then add/subtract to obtain Woman.

I’m not claiming that this is a new thought. In fact, it’s not even new to me, really, since I’ve read plenty and even written a little about Woman as Other. But I’d never really thought about it in such bald vocabulary before. Woman is different, other, unusual – not normal. Man is normal.

Until society as a whole can get its head around the idea that there are two different, equal, complementary forms of Human, sexism will always exist.

Bit depressing, that.

(And, of course, the default form is also the same colour as the thinker, I would guess.)