Daily Archives: November 3rd, 2008

Aliens walk amongst us

I found out tonight that Mondo Rock sang “State of the Heart,” which I adore.

I found out a week ago that Ross Wilson fronted both Mondo Rock and Daddy Cool.

Tonight, I went to see Wilson at the Spiegeltent here is lovely, wonderful Melbourne. And it was very cool! He’s got a new album out on the Liberation Blue label – which is doing some awesome things for Aussie music – it’s basically all old stuff, reworked: imagine a honky tonk Eagle Rock, for example. It’s a lot of fun. He was a good enough showman, bit of banter with the crowd, obviously a good vibe with the band – there was a lap guitar! I love lap guitar! – and it was all a really great night.

I love that I don’t have to work tomorrow.*

*We worked for our day off tomorrow, don’t worry: it counts as time in lieu.