Daily Archives: December 18th, 2008

It has begun

Yesterday was extremely productive. I had to do something that required my presence but no action – physical or mental – on my part. So I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Yes, the whole thing. In about three hours. Yes, for the first time. Also the first two chapters of Chamber of Secrets.

As predicted, I enjoyed it. I’ve been putting this off for a while – first off I refused to read it because it seemed like a tawdry rip-off of many of my favourites; then later because one of the things I hate most is waiting for the next book in the series (I’m looking at you, Garth Nix; get on with Lord Sunday already.) Also, when they first came out I was not in a YA frame of mind. And finally, I am a mule sometimes: so many people told me to read them that I got stubborn.

Aaaaaanyway… now I’m going to read them. Good thing I have plenty of friends who can hook me up with the set on demand.