Prisoner of Azkaban

So I read this one on the weekend, too; I’ve just been lazy about commenting on it.

This one is different from the first two; in those, there was a definite end-point, if you like: getting to a destination or thing. Here, although there’s a destination in terms of finally meeting the eponymous Prisoner, it’s not entirely clear from the title what will happen when Harry finally does. Once again it was fascinating to read when already knowing what happens in the end – I think Rowling does quite well at not giving hints about Sirius’ innocence, but it’s not like it makes absolutely no sense. I had been a bit wary that her plot structures would leave something to be desired, but the revelations do make sense, which is a relief: it’s just a matter of looking at something from a different perspective, or with a tiny amount of additional information.

I really liked Lupin. I seem to remember hitting my head over not getting the connection with his name sooner, when watching the movie… and then, reading the book, I finally realised the connection between ‘Sirius’ and his turning into a dog. Sometimes her names are just a bit silly and obvious; sometimes, she is very clever (like finally understanding the Phoenix’s name; Fawkes! So clever!). Once again, the actor worked well enough for my imagination in this role. Perhaps surprisingly, Gary Oldman doesn’t stick in my mind as Sirius. However, maybe this is not as surprising as I think; Oldman is such an astonishing actor that half the time I don’t realise it’s him, because he changes so much between roles.

I thought the whole reveal about being godfather and Harry being so dead keen on that happened a bit fast. I did enjoy Sirius’ near-insanity, and his attitude towards Wormtail (heh, nearly typed Wormtongue there; two of a kind, those characters!) – worked neatly for both guilty-Sirius and innocent-Sirius.

Snape continues to be a fascinating character; there’s clearly something that going to happen with his character – there has to be!! – the whole saving Harry in the first book, issues with James Potter et al at school, blah de blah… his story arc is perhaps the one I am most interested in following, because I am struggling to imagine how it will turn out. (Even if I’m wrong, I can imagine various outcomes for HR&H).

And, again, there’s just a bit more here in the book than made it into the movie. I don’t remember the providence of the Marauder’s Map being explained in the movie – that’s cool; Percy, again; and Divination classes are hilarious (oooh there’s another actor who works – Emma Thompson makes me giggle every time I imagine her in those glasses).

Anyway. I’m writing this because I just finished Goblet of Fire and figured I should do this properly, and write about them in order. It might take me a day or two to get around to writing about it, though… there’s a bit to think about…

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