Daily Archives: March 10th, 2009

Harry Potter: again, and lastly

You know, I had planned on doing a little summation after each book, but… I lost momentum. And I wanted to keep reading, so I did. So… I’m not going to bother with writing down all my thoughts, which would probably be frankly boring anyhow. So instead these are a few rambly musings.

I enjoyed them. I don’t think I have a favourite, although some of the twists and revelations in Half-Blood Prince were awesome. Order of the Phoenix was definitely too long (although, hooray for not being an editor, I don’t know what I’d cut. Definitely some of the Cho sap, though). I had not expected the end of Half-Blood Prince, and was a bit distraught by it! I had half-expected some of what happened to Harry in Deathly Hallows, but it was still well done.

Rowling’s style definitely improved over the series. And the intended audience changed immensely, too. This is partly to be expected, of course – hard to write a series that spans 11 year olds to 17 year olds without that happening. Still, I wonder how 11 year olds, who are introduced to the series now, will go with Deathly Hallows by their 12th birthday; that would be pretty harsh, I reckon. Also, I was impressed by how many threads she managed to pick up and bring to a conclusion in the last book; it takes a clear sense of direction from the start OR the ability to write like that’s what you meant all along, without having to invent anything too ridiculous, to manage it.

Rowling definitely knows teenagers. Yes, there are some exaggerations, and a few daft bits, but… gosh I think she has teenaged interactions, and relationships, well sorted. Probably not so evidently in the H/R/H triangle, but certainly with some of the others. The Ron/Lavender thing is hilarious, just by the way, and way too accurate.

The Malfoys? a very cool ending to their particular thread.
Dumbledore? infinitely more complex than I had anticipated.
Harry? pretty much what I expected. Still a bit annoying.
Snape? most awesome and intriguing and interesting storyline overall.
Hermione? it PISSED ME OFF that she seemed to be the only one who shrieked, moaned, sobbed or in any other way demonstrated emotion through her voice. I think Ron scored the occasional groan, and maybe some of the others got to shout, but this rankled me a lot.

And very lastly? I cannot believe she did that to Lupin and Tonks! No fair!!