Aussiecon4: day 1 #1

Just a quick update before I head back in for an exciting second day at Aussiecon4.

My absolute highlights were two very exciting fangirl moments: firstly, I met Helen Merrick, author of the brilliant Secret Feminist Cabal which I really must get around to reviewing. The other came when a little girl introduced herself to a friend’s daughter, and that girl’s parents came along to check everything was ok. Those parents were Phil and Kaja Foglio, creators of Girl Genius! Whom I had emailed about interviewing and was nervous as all get out about introducing myself to! So that was great, and relaxed, and I’m really looking forward to interviewing them now.

I also had a couple of people mention that they knew me from Galactic Suburbia, which was… overwhelming…

Speaking of which, must be off – we’re recording a live episode this morning!

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