Galactic Suburbia turns 17

You can download us from iTunes, or go to Galactic Suburbia to get it from our website.

In which we talk about awesome women, excellent short stories, and make Alisa throw away a book!  Our pet topic is film-to-book, book-to-film and why you’d want to move a story from format to format.


The Winners of the British Fantasy Awards 2010 announced.

FemSpec: announcement of new feminist press (via Aqueduct Press).

365 Days of Women Writers blog.

New podcast: Helen Merrick and Tama Leaver do Pangalactic Interwebs.

What have we been reading/listening to?

Tansy: Diana Comet, Zombies v. Unicorns
Alisa: Watching: Moon.
Listening: Bad Film Diaries, also first ep of Pangalactic Interwebs.
Embargoed Reading 😦 sigh for Aurealis Awards and TPP 2011
Toss out for the week: Succubus in the City
Alex: Subterranean (spring and summer), Is Anybody out There? (ed. Nick Gevers and Marty Halpern), Glitter Rose, Marianne de Pierres. 

Pet Subject

book –> film –> book
– why make films of books?
– what makes a good film adaptation?
– conversely, why make books of films, why do they get less attention, can they be as good as the film?

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One response

  1. Alex, I am about to start reading a book by Eddings. You’re welcome.

    Love your analysis, btw.

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