Galactic Suburbia 22

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In which we have run out of our supply of feminist ire for 2010 and are reduced to being happy bunnies with rainbows and vanilla sprinkles.  Also, we discuss re-reading, re-watching, and our (apparently unhealthy) emotional attachment to beloved books.  With zombies. BONUS: see if you can pick how many times yours truly screwed up the recording because my stooopid Skype crashed. Is fixed now.


Black Quill nominations.

Best of 2010 Tables of Contents, Rich Horton & Jonathan Strahan (Niall Harrison tweeted about online percentage, 14/29 stories in Strahan – and 16/28 in Horton. Last year JS had 4/29 and Rich had 7/30).

Torque Control’s Week of Women & SF (also here).

Swancon invited guests announced.

Pet Subject
On re-reading. Did you re-read books as a teen? Do you re-read now, or would you if you had the time and the publishing industry stopped for a year (or three)? Why/not… (on re-reading The Belgariad).

What Culture Have we Consumed?
Alisa – Fringe Season 1 and half of Season 2
Tansy – Feed, by Mira Grant, The Five Doctors easter egg commentary
AlexQuantum Thief (Hannu Rajaniemi), Zima Blue (Alastair Reynolds)

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