Daily Archives: January 27th, 2011

Australia Day podcast

In what is starting to look suspiciously like a trend, Tansy and I joined Jonathan for an Australia Day podcast yesterday, in between various other engagements. We were sad not to have other eminent Australian podcasters join us, but when you’ve got three hours between east and west as well as things like sleeping in and bbqing… well. It just gets hard to organise. Anyway, we valiantly carried on, discussing what it’s like to be an Australian specfic author, whether there is an Australian ‘tone’, and what we’re looking forward to on the Aussie scene in the coming year. You can listen to it here or, I think, get it from iTunes by going to Jonathan’s regular podcast, Notes from Coode St.

(It should be noted that Jonathan calls his post “The Sounds of Now,” and he threatened to put a little Gangajang at the start of the podcast. I was trying to figure out some INXS or Wolfmother-appropriate title, but… nah.)