Daily Archives: April 28th, 2011

This is not the podcast you’re used to

At Swancon, I got together with a number of other awesome Aussie podcasters to record a megapodcast: Helen Merrick from Pangalactic Interwebs, Jonathan Strahan from Coode St, and Kirstyn McDermott from The Writer and the Critic. We spend an hour arguing over what bits of fantasy and science fiction people should – nay, must!  – read or view. It was immense fun. I did nearly lose some friends by suggesting Lord of the Rings and admitting that The Fifith Element is my favouritest movie of all time… but I think they forgave me.

You can stream our marvellous podcast over at The Writer and the Critic, or you can also get it from iTunes by going to their podcast bit there. Thanks to Kirstyn for hauling her gear over west and making us sound professional!