Galactic Suburbia 39

In which we defend Mary Sues everywhere, point at superheroes with their pants down, plan a Hugo Twitterparti and reveal which of the three of us is secretly a hardcore horror fan.  But most importantly (according to Tansy), Alex is watching Blake’s 7 completely unspoiled and she loves Avon the best, hooray! You can get us from iTunes or download us from Galactic Suburbia.


The Mary Sue Conversation:

Zoe Marriott
Sarah Rees Brennan
Holly Black 
Elizabeth Bear 
“Sometimes a book is about a female character because there are female people in the world.”

What if Male Superheroes posed like Wonder Woman 
Gender Bent Justice League

Bonus, superheroes without pants (except Wonder Woman)

Cat Valente steps down from Apex Magazine as fiction editor, Lynne M Thomas steps up.
Alex wants to be in Reno. 
Join @GalacticSuburbs in whatever the right time zone is and Twitterparti the Hugos with us!
What Culture Have we Consumed?
Alisa: The Hunger Games, Life on Mars UK, The Women’s Hour Podcast, Doctor Who
Tansy: Lords & Ladies, Terry Pratchett; Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical, Rob Shearman; Rob on the Big Finish Podcast, Xena & the mystical pregnancy
Alex: Ship Breaker, Paolo Bacigalupi; Blake’s 7; Across the Universe, Beth Revis.

Featured Feedback:

Grant Watson (and our producer) pointed out to Tansy that Jason Todd died in “A Death in the Family” and not “The Killing Joke.”  She is very sorry.

Kirstyn McDermott took us to task over our dismissive attitude to horror, and we decided to address her concerns and chew over our complicated relationship with the darker side of spec fic.

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