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I don’t. I never have, really. Someone gave me a graphic novel of the first Batman movie many, many moons ago and I loved it, but I never sought out anything else like it. At that stage I regarded comics as all Biff! and Pow! and having none of the sophistication I saw in that novel. No idea whether I was right then; I do know I wouldn’t be right in thinking it today.

I read one serialised graphic novel/comic strip: Girl Genius. For those late to the party, I discovered Girl Genius with issue 9 in the Hugo Packet in 2010. I read most of issue 9… then went back to the very start, online, and read the entire saga. (One issue = one year of pages appearing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.) I now own all of them in hard copy, and the novels as they appear… which is rather indicative of the idea that I do like comics. I have also enjoyed Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, which Tehani pointed me towards. I’d read more of that series, but the one hard copy available is going to cost me more in postage than the book itself, so… yeh. Not so much. (And I read Questionable Content, too, now that I think about it… hmmm, this is rather indicative, isn’t it?)

My last request post, for women who rock, was quite the success – and I’ll be posting an update on that soon, once I’ve auditioned a few more bands/singers. So I’ll do it again. I know Tansy is probably already in the comments section telling me which DC comics to hurry up and catch up on, but I’d love a wide variety of suggestions! I’m happy to read online, obviously; in fact I’d probably prefer it, or at least electronic copies, until I decide whether I love something or not. I’d prefer a lack of graphic/gratuitous violence and sex, and if you’re going to preface your suggestion with “You may get annoyed with the portrayal of women but…” then please rethink your comment  🙂

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  1. Just to go against expectations – I can’t think of any DC books I would recommend to you, but there are lots of awesome non-superheroey graphic novels out there.

    Castle Waiting by Linda Medley is top of the recommendations (I read mine through the local library but must get a copy some time) and also the Shannon Hale Rapunzel’s Revenge and Calamity Jack, which are fairy tale westerns.

    I’ve just started reading some Love and Rockets, which is a magic realist ‘real world’ comic soap started in the 80’s, and it’s wonderful and strange. I’ve also really enjoyed the work of Alison Bechdel, especially her Dykes to Watch Out for, a queer soap opera in comic strip form that has been commenting on politics & life issues since the 80’s. She just has a new memoir out, Are You My Mother, but her Fun Home was an astounding work, and shows how sequential art can do things that prose just can’t.

    Webcomics I currently read along with Questionable Content are Shortpacked (like QC but in a toy store) and Multiplex (like Shortpacked but in a cinema) and have been really enjoying both though QC is still my favourite and my best. I also have a soft spot for Darths and Droids which is a photo-comic retelling the Star Wars saga from Phantom Menace onwards, as if it’s an RPG (everything makes so much more sense and it has totally redeemed the prequel movies for me!).

    1. Fairy tale westerns?! AWESOME.

      Love and Rockets also sounds very cool. I tried Darths and Droids and couldn’t do it; I’ll look into Shortpacked and Multiplex, thanks!

  2. seantheblogonaut | Reply

    May I recommend the Comixology app for either android or ipad/phone. They have got this guided view technology that allows you to view the comic panel by panel. I have found it forces me to slow my reading down an its taught me comic book literacy ie order of bubbles to be read etc.

    They have heaps of free comics that you can test it on too.

    1. ooh interesting, thanks. Will look into it.

  3. seantheblogonaut | Reply

    And it appears you can test out the feature on your pc/laptop as well

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