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Galactic Suburbia 66!!

In which we suffer post-Olympics slump but make up for it by talking about sport in SF/F: from coyote baseball, holodeck racquetball and the points system of Quidditch to the history of sport in Doctor Who. And don’t forget that Buffy was a cheerleader! You can get us from iTunes or Galactic Suburbia.


World Fantasy ballot released.
Mythopoeic Awards include Delia Sherman and Lisa Goldstein

New Science Fiction Awards Database Website by Mark R Kelly (Locus)

Kirstyn McDermott makes Jason Nahrung a mug based on Alex’s GS review of Salvage

New Galactic Chat: Sean interviews Trudi Canavan

Readercon Apology sets the standard.

Feedback: Sean & Kitty on the harassment at cons issue.

What Culture Have we Consumed?

Alex: Existence, David Brin; all of Planetary, by Warren Ellis; Caliban’s War, James SA Corey

Tansy: “Foundlings” by Diana Peterfreund in Brave New Love; Shooting the Poo 14 (Sherlock Holmes) & 15 (Alien movies part 1)

Alisa: Coode St Podcast Ep 112 featuring Genevieve Valentine, and… reading unapologetically is a life skill!

Pet Subject: Sports in SF/F

The tennis match Alisa refers to is this one with Billie Jean King.

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