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My year in reading

I’ve done a rough breakdown of the gender stats, and it’s not really that surprising:


Male authors: 40 books

Female authors: 47 books

Unknown: 1

Also four anthologies, which I’m not counting.

So, roughly equitable. It’s skewed more towards male than it might have been had I been reading entirely for pleasure, rather than reading judging books.


Male authors: 7 books

Female authors: 3 books

A bit disappointing here, but I pay less attention to authors when it comes to history stuff; topic is way more important. That said, it still is reflective of the books that get recommended on particular topics, or that get stocked and are therefore easily available.

I read 105 books, apparently, including graphic novels. That’s down on last year, but not by much.

My year in media

For the first time I have kept track of the films and TV I have consumed over the year. I don’t watch much random TV; we tend to consume an entire series in one (sometimes extended) hit. So this list covers almost everything I watched on the screen in 2012, bar the occasional foray into the news.

Films watched for the first time:

Frost/Nixon * Going Postal * Fair Game * All Quiet on the Western Front * Source Code * Conan the Barbarian (2011) * Tangled * The Adjustment Bureau * Captain America * Iron Jawed Angels * The Avengers * Moneyball * Contagion * Underworld Awakening * Prometheus * Snow White and the Huntsman * The Dark Knight Rises * Beckett * Battleship * Margin Call * Looper * Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day (2008 concert) * Hamlet (David Tennant/Patrick Stewart version) * Argo * Quatermass Experiments (2005 BBC live production) * The Breakfast Club (FOR THE FIRST TIME YES I KNOW) * Skyfall * One in the Chamber * The Bourne Legacy * The Expendables 2 (…twice…) * Total Recall (the remake) * The Hobbit, Part 1

That’s not actually as many as I would have guessed. Possibly because the next list is a lot longer… what can I say, I like things that are familiar.

Films: the rewatch:

Chronicles of Riddick * DOA (I know. No, seriously, I know) *  Lethal Weapon 4 * Alien * Under Siege * Aliens * X-Men: First Class * Stand By Me * All Quiet on the Western Front * The Siege * Marie Antoinette * Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire * Tomb Raider * Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince * Aeon Flux * Children of Men * Mr and Mrs Smith *  Iron Jawed Angels * Danton * One Night the Moon *Aliens (again) * Batman Begins * Serenity * The Dark Knight *  Nicholas and Alexandra * Minority Report * Grease * Romeo and Juliet (Zefirelli * Romeo + Juliet (Luhrmann) * Sahara * The Avengers (um, twice) * Chronicles of Riddick (again, ok?) *  The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus * Good Morning Vietnam *  The Outsiders * 2012 * Fellowship of the Ring (extennnnded edition) * The Two Towers (extennnnded edition) * The Return of the King (extennnnded edition) * Star Wars IV: A New Hope * Avengers (…) * Beneath Clouds * The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus * Van Helsing * Quantum of Solace * Expendables * Salt * The Negotiator * The Mask (most of) (omg so bad) * Dante’s Peak * Goldeneye *  Tomorrow Never Dies * The Dark Knight Rises

So that’s quite a few. Some of these I watched for/at school – occasionally twice in a semester, once to preview it and once with a class. Also, there are just some films that are go-to. I am astonished that The Fifth Element is not here!

TV for the first time and rewatch:

Ashes to Ashes (season 2) * (New) Doctor Who (season 1) (rewatch) * Las Vegas (season 1) (rewatch) * Las Vegas (season 2) (partial rewatch) * Las Vegas (season 3) * Sherlock (season 2) * Las Vegas (season 4) * (New) Doctor Who (season 4) * Las Vegas (season 5) *  House (season 7) * (New) Doctor Who (season 5) (rewatch) * Top Gear (season 18) *  Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (season 1) * House (season 8) * Game of Thrones (season 1) *  The Prophets of Science Fiction (most of most of the episodes) *  Firefly (rewatch) * Stargate Universe (season 1) *  Ashes to Ashes (season 3) * A Rather Large Amount of the Olympics, inc opening and closing ceremonies * Outcasts (the first and ONLY (sob) season) * Doctor Who (season 7… well the first half) * Heston Blumenthal’s Search for Perfection (season 1) * Metal Evolution * The Deep * random bits of Classic Who * Paradox (the five eps that got made before cancellation… /gnashing teeth) * Homeland (season 1)

This list doesn’t look as long, but of course they don’t represent just 2 hours of viewing like most of the films (all right, nearly four for each of the extended LOTR; whatever). Las Vegas seasons each had 22-odd episodes, for example…

Overall I think my media consumption reflects me pretty well. Loads of SF and action, with some literary stuff chucked in there along with Metal Evolution for some balance, and some trashy but enjoyable stuff as well.