My year in reading

I’ve done a rough breakdown of the gender stats, and it’s not really that surprising:


Male authors: 40 books

Female authors: 47 books

Unknown: 1

Also four anthologies, which I’m not counting.

So, roughly equitable. It’s skewed more towards male than it might have been had I been reading entirely for pleasure, rather than reading judging books.


Male authors: 7 books

Female authors: 3 books

A bit disappointing here, but I pay less attention to authors when it comes to history stuff; topic is way more important. That said, it still is reflective of the books that get recommended on particular topics, or that get stocked and are therefore easily available.

I read 105 books, apparently, including graphic novels. That’s down on last year, but not by much.

3 responses

  1. seantheblogonaut | Reply

    That’s a good haul considering you are working/podcasting/reviewing as well

    1. And the amount of media consumed… plus the knitting! I forgot the knitting!

      1. seantheblogonaut | Reply

        True, it was a big knitting year

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