Galactic Suburbia is 82

500px-JoanWatson2In which we talk sexism in the industry, feminist space opera, childbirth and babies in comics, space cowboys, and the hidden value of translators. Also, Watson is a girl now!

News and Links

The SFWA Bulletin Discussion:

Foz Meadows dissects the Malzberg/Resnick article causing most of the controversy and protest.

Jim Hines curates a massive list of protest blogs/tweets on the issue (though as he himself makes clear this is not a comprehensive collection of links to the entire debate, or every post on it – just the ones protesting the sexist attitudes published in the Bulletin, as proof they were not anonymous).

Ann Aguirre on her experiences of sexism in the SF industry.

Alisa’s Observations Part I & Part II

Tansy on Why It’s Important (And Why We’re Still Talking About the SFWA Bulletin)

Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who

New Women vs Tropes in Video Games: Damsels In Distress, the trope so widespread that this is Part 2 of a 3 part series.

Lambdas: the LBGTQ Literary Awards! Some speculative fiction representation there…

Culture Consumed

ALEX: Space Cowboys; Chase the Morning, Gates of Noon, and Cloud Castles – Michael Scott Rohan; Hawk and Dove, Karl Kesel and Barbara Kesel (5 issues, 1986); X-Men #1

ALISA: The Rook, Daniel O’Malley; Saga; Small Blue Planet Ep 4: Israel; Quick PhD update

TANSY: The Other Half of the Sky, edited by Athena Andreadis & Kay Holt; Elementary

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2 responses

  1. I’m curious what advice you might give to a mid-20s male going to his first con at the end of the summer. I’d much prefer to not witness or even hear of sexist tension/bigots/trolls at the con, but of course that won’t be the case. What things might I want to keep in my wheel house to keep sexist bs from derailing fruitful, interesting discussions (panels, small groups, randomly overheard convos)?

    1. Stand up. Don’t let it slide, especially if it’s in your conversation: call them out in whatever way is appropriate, all the way from “I disagree” through to “please go away”. And then go back to your conversation. And if the person really wants to start a Feminism 101 discussion, tell them you’ll do it later because right now there are other things to discuss.

      That’s where I’d go with it, anyway.

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