The Empire Strikes Back

Unknown-2The Empire Strikes Back: Things that were quite good

  • THANK YOU, George, for that great gift to modern culture: “I thought these things smelled bad… on the outside…”
  • Han Solo
  • The Han/Luke friendship. DAW.
  • Han and Leia tension. Unknown
    • James: I’m surprised by how early in the film this occurs.
  • James: the music makes the film.
  • Imperial walkers.
  • Luke says, in the middle of a FOREST, “It’s like something out of a dream!” Wow, George. Subtle.
  • “Wars not make one great.” Preach, George.
  • The revelation that the emperor knows who Luke is is definitely more poignant thanks to the prequels.
  • And Yoda’s hovel is more poignant too.
  • This entire set of movies should be subtitled: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”
  • Han.
  • Lando!
  • I’d forgotten just how echoes/foreshadowings there were in the prequels, with words and actions and scenes. It makes me forgive them a little bit more.

What were you thinking, George?

  • Unconvinced by the new bits of the snow critter.
  • You’re continuing the assumption that cities <=> civilisation in Luke’s little comment about Dagobah, George. I know he’s still a whiny little kids, but nonetheless – unhelpful.
  • You retconned Boba Fett’s VOICE, George.
  • Vader goes through underlings at a rate of knots. Bad vision of leadership there.

Were you sad that Mark Hamill didn’t get prettier, George? 

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