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Galactic Suburbia: Bujold spoiler!

gentleman jole  red queenIn which Tansy & Alex take apart the joyous wonder that is the latest Lois McMaster Bujold novel: Gentleman Jole & the Red Queen. You can get us from iTunes or at Galactic Suburbia.

The Terrible Title
The Vorkosigan Saga So Far (with particular reference to Shards of Honour & Barrayar, with plenty of spoilers for All The Key Moments involving the Vorkosigan family)
Uterine Replicators and Their Social Implications
Older Women in Space (send us your Space Grannies story recs!)
Space Opera as Social History
Triad Marriages and Alternative Parenting Models
The Changing Roles of Mothers and Grandmothers with an extended lifespan
Oliver Jole as unusual male hero: how often do we see books about men choosing between career advancement and having children?
Aurelia is the prettiest name
Is Miles ‘the man’ now? Does he represent conservative Barrayar, or is there still a healthy rebellious Betan streak in him?
Oliver & Cordelia: an “old person” romance
Bereavement & retirement as positive life turning points
Miles and Oliver: “that” conversation as climax of the plot
Miles and Cordelia: how to surprise your adult son, how to come to terms with your parents as fellow humans
The sciencey science of a colonised planet: Sergyar needs marine biologists and plumbers more than soldiers and politicians!
Reader response: what was problematic, unrealistic expectations, what does a Vorkosigan novel look like anyway?

We love you all and we love this book: only listen to this episode if you genuinely don’t mind being spoiled for all the things.

PS: Tansy still maintains that the Vorkosigan saga is just fine read in random book order. Alex is not okay with this. Follow your own instincts on this one.

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