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Farscape: S1, e2

Farscape rewatchSeason One, Episode Two: I, ET

In the previous episode they removed Moya’s control collar – unlike other tv shows, this has some continuity where it seems like that’s only caused more problems. The removal has activated a homing signal which means Peacekeepers could be tracking them down at any moment. Although Leviathans are not known for being able to land and take off from planets, the crew risk it, and bury Moya in a bog. They then need to search for something that can dull Moya’s pain as they rip more Peacekeeper tech from her.

A: John has an excellent line in eye-facial-winky-crinkliness while the Peacekeeper alarm is going and MAN they could have turned it off faster! I love that Aeryn comments on the facial shenanigans, too, plus “I’m new to all this escaped prisoner crap” ahaha.

K: How scary would that be though – on the run, somewhere in space, at the mercy of the ship itself who is also under attack. I’d be freaking out!

A: Oh absolutely – for John – but not our Aeryn, nuhuh. Continue reading →