Daily Archives: August 28th, 2003

Well… an eventful day or so

I noticed the neon in the qt wasn’t looking very well yesterday: his fins have been looking ragged for a few days, and today I saw along the length of him (looking from the tail) for the first time: and he was covered in somethingNo idea what it could be; I looked on TTT and it could be velvet, but I don’t know. So this was a bit of a problem. Then, after coming home from a meeting, I looked in the qt and couldn’t see the neon – but could see a white thing on the floor of the tank, with something that looked blue attached to it. I figured it was the tetra – that Hektor had finally caught him (he’s been trying for a while), and had eaten him very quickly. I was a bit surprised, but didn’t think too much of it.

When I looked in the qt this morning, there was the neon! Still looking not very healthy, but certainly alive. So what I thought was the neon’s spine must have been plant material or something, and the light fooled me as to colours. I have no real explanation, actually. So anyway, the tetra was alive. I came home tonight, though, and there he was – dead; floating on top of the water. I looked at the body but couldn’t see anything wrong with it; he also hadn’t been nibbled at. So – he died anyway – jsut a day after he had. Poor fellow.

The rest of the qt, bar another molly babe, is fine. I wonder if Hektor will eventually kill all the babes? I do feed him, so he doesn’t have a huge incentive… I doubt if he will get the biggest one: she is the only one left from the Christmas batch, and is about half-grown I guess. I’ve been wondering whether She in the main tank will be having babies again, but she’s not looking enormous at the moment and she also doesn’t seem to be getting harassed by the males nearly so often. I still try to catch her now and then, but to no avail.