We have moved, since the last entry

That was… entertaining… We moved the remaining fish to the qt, drained the main tank and spent a fair while cleaning the gravel, siphoning as much poo out as we could, cleaning the glass, etc. Generally trying to make it look good. Then, because we settled a week before we actually moved, we shifted the main tank before there was much in the house – didn’t want to ask the removalists to do that bit, and thankfully had friend Mark to help out. So it got moved. After a few days, with everything else in the house, we decided on a final position (not quite centre stage in the living room), put the gravel in and filled it up with water.

We had to move the qt as well, of course. Put some water from the tank in a bucket and then had fun catching all the fish to put them in there. The angel in particular didn’t really like that bit. Then we moved it, filled it up with water immediately and moved the fish in.

Unfortunately, the catfish and the angel did not survive the trip. The angel didn’t surprise me, although the catfish did; I was pretty sad, as you can imagine.

We moved the male mollies as soon as the main tank was up to temperature; finally we have managed to separate Miss Molly from the males! Hallelujah! They weren’t looking very happy in there… checked the ph: it was reading low 7, so chucked some pH Down in there, which seems to have settled it pretty well. Ammonia read 0 very quickly, which I guess means the filter moved very well. The tank was looking very bare… so I went to Coburg on my way home from work and bought some plants, and some liquid fertiliser. The most exciting, although smallest, plant is a little Amazon Sword; hopefully it will grow well. I also bought Lizard Tongue, which has big broad leaves, and Dragon Flame, which has leaves that are purple and green and long and thin. I’ve actually since found out that at least the Lizard Tongue is not a true aquatic, so it will be interesting to see exactly how long that lasts. I get a bit annoyed with fish places selling things like and not telling you.

A few days after I bought the plants, I noticed the tank was again doing the algae thing… so I gave in and bought two little bristlenose catfish, which are again terribly cute. Hope they do all right.

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