So… babies…

More molly babies. What a surprise. There’s probably 25-30 of them. However, there is also a girl in one of my classes whose family has tropical fish (gouramis, silver dollars, angels…) who said she’d ask about taking some, and I’ve put a note on the staff notice board about it too. Surely there must be someone here who will take some!! And the interesting thing is, the qt is not filtered at the moment. We haven’t bothered to put the old internal filter back in, because we figured it did nothing at all anyway… James is talking about getting some other sort of internal filter, so hopefully that will happen this weekend.

The plants are not looking very happy in the main tank. The Lizard Tongue in particular is looking almost rusty, or something. Odd. Don’t know if this is just the tank getting established or what. Bit annoying.

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