We bought some fish

The tank has been set up for a while, and James figured it needed a bit more life to it. So we went to Coburg. We bought 10 harlequin rasboras, hooray! It’s great having them back again. We were going to get a school of cherry barbs, but apparently they are aggressive; I had thought they were the non-aggressive ones, and the tigers were the nasty ones. Anyway. Figured we should actually listen to the sales person. We also got four little clown loaches. They look a bit emaciated; could be just that they are small. I know we ought to have quarantined these, but because there are so few fish in there at the moment we decided not to bother.

We also bought a couple of filters. Coburg has obviously decided not to carry Eheim anymore, because they were selling the filters half price!! So we bought a 2217 for $200, and an internal Eheim Powerball filter for the quarantine tank. It’s all very very exciting.

The plants still don’t look very good. Not sure what to do about that. The bloke at the shop suggested we raise the pH, so maybe I’ll do that after a few days so the new fish can settle in. We’re also putting off doing a water change for a few days.

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