Dead fish

The cloaches have all died over the last couple of days. A couple of them started looked a little healthier – not so red around the gills etc as when we got them from Coburg – but the others didn’t, and they still looked too skinny. And then they started dying. James is very sad and keeps berating himself for being too impetuous and overly eager… we’re also thinking about not going to Coburg, since maybe we were too optimistic that seeing a few dead fish in their tanks wasn’t necessarily an enormous problem. Of course, we can’t shift all the blame. We did buy them, and maybe the tank wasn’t really ready.

The catfish have also gone. No idea why. Darn it.

And, bizarrely, I found another dead fish in the tank, which must have been a harlequin… except that the only colour on its entire body was an orange tip to its fins. No black or orange on the body. Very odd.

The plants are starting to do better. The Lizard Tongues have new leaves happening, which is very exciting, and the Java Fern has a runner!! I think this must be a good sign, after only a couple of weeks.

Started to do a water change today, but then realised that with water restrictions we actually shouldn’t have been, since it basically amounted to watering the plants what with the water going everywhere. So we’ll have to wait until dark. Considering daylight savings finishes tonight (which is sort of bad, but also good because I won’t be getting up before the sun again for a few more months), that won’t be too hard.

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