Bulbs who don’t know what’s good for them

I went a bit mad at the Flower and Garden Show a few weeks ago; bought quite a few bulbs, as well as some nice plastic pots. I waited a little while before planting (I bought them at the end of March). Late last week, though, when I was perusing the courtyard, I noticed that a couple of pots had Green Bits in them. For whatever reason, a few of the bulbs have decided it’s time to sprout… I feel they may get quite a shock in a few weeks. AND I had left the hyacinth bulbs until late April/early May, as instructed, and they had started to sprout in the packet! Also, I planted a couple of bulbs in the pot that had had a cyclamen in it. Said cyclamen has now resurrected itself. It will be interesting to see what happens on that front.

Our roses seem to Praying Mantis Land.

2 responses

  1. Hey Alex,
    Just found your blog…again. Now added to my Google Reader so I can read all your posts 🙂 Seems you are quite the blogger extrodinaire! Hope you guys are well! Really looking forward to moving to your next of the woods in just a FEW SHORT WEEKS…YAY!!!

  2. Hey Louisa! There’s something wrong with the site – don’t know why it’s currently showing these ancient posts instead of the more recent ones! It’s troubling…. We’re looking forward to having you in our zone too!!

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