Daily Archives: June 7th, 2004

Play School

I cannot believe all the stuff going on about Play School and the lesbian parent-thing at the moment. How amazing to think that both Johnnies must watch it, and feel the need to comment! Personally I think it reprehensible that they would try to quash what appears to be a genuine attempt to portray Aus diversity. If they had gone Through the Window to see … say… ostrich farmers, or Kalahari bushmen who had migrated, would there be furore? I don’t think so, sunshine. They’re running an anti-gay stance because they think that’s what will get them re-elected (hmmm, am I too young to be this cynical?). And possibly because they’re ignorant, too.


My goodness. I hadn’t realised how bad submarine movies could get. I guess we have been spoiled, with Red October and K-19: The Widowmaker, but still! Largely boring action bits that don’t compensate for no character development. Disappointing… and you hardly hear boo from Bon Jovi, so even that potentially entertaining bit is squished.

Pft. Boring.

Kids’ books

I took advantage of Borders and their 3 for 2 sale yesterday. I got The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek, Possum Magic, and Animalia! Very exciting. They’re not entirely for me, of course… at least one of them will go as a present to the Nankervis clan on Wednesday since I didn’t send a present when Aidan was born (like a year ago or something). However, it is a great deal of fun to read them. And of course I also bought Avocado Baby ages ago… that was a good purchase; no one is getting that one as a present any time soon.

On a completely different note, I think I might have misplaced my Bowie CD.

Later: they forgot to take a book! I’ll have to send them one now.
Also: this is what I like; talking via comments on the blog, rather than email or some other media.

Noticeably less algae

The advantage of having highly descriptive titles in posts is that you don’t have to write as much in the body of the text.

I think I’ll leave the lights off for at least today, and then see what happens tomorrow when they go back on again.