Zeus is dead

The last original molly – the alpha male, Zeus, Mr Flex – has died. He got flex again, I think – if that’s what it was the first time; the same thing he had ages ago on his fin, anyway… except this time it was on his, ahem, gonopode. It looked awful; he looked awful. I caught him and put him in the isolation tank – the qt is off at the moment, because the algal bloom just wouldn’t go away – and the next day he was dead. Sigh.

So we have 7 Colombian tetras; 5 angels; 2 SAEs; 2 molly babies; Fido the catfish; one rasbora and one neon tetra. Next year, we will begin a restocking exercise… but we’re going to make some changes to the living room, so it might wait until after that. And we really need to get the qt up again; we might need to move it, I think – away from quite so much sunlight, evil stuff that it is.

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