Ever so long since I last posted…

So… since I last posted, a few things have happened in the aquarium world. While we were away, the plants exploded in a riot of foliage. I pruned when we came home in between the two sections of our trip, but two weeks later it was almost as ridiculous again. Pretty cool actually.

Since we’ve come home, we’ve set up the quarantine tank again – we turned everything off before we went because it got disgusting. Still not sure why that was – too much sun or what – but the algae was mad. We put the little filter from there into the main tank to get the filter pads going again. A couple of days ago I bought 20 neon tetras, to help the tank cycle. A couple have died, but the rest seem to be going well, which is good.

The other interesting thing that happened with the qt is that I put lots of the left-over bits of plants in there, and the snails – I think there were two at the start of the holidays – have gone forth and multiplied. Now, though, there are no plants left… they all died a bit… I’m not sure what’s going to happen to them.

I’m looking forward to buying more fish, too – more rasboras, and maybe some widows too, because they’re really pretty.

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