Daily Archives: November 17th, 2005

Julian May

I read the Pliocene series, whatever it was called – Many-Coloured Land, I think – ages ago, and found it occasionally annoying. I decided to give the Galactic Milieu books a go, though, since they are so tied in and I found the first one for about $1. I think I like these much more. I haven’t read the one that really starts it, Intervention, but May fills it in enough that I don’t need to. In fact, I feel like I don’t want to read it, since I know all about the ending. I will read it at some stage though, of course. Anyway – the books – I am half way through Diamond Mask, the second (after Jack the Bodiless), and I am enjoying the interplay between aliens and humans, as well as the issue of rebellion and so on. They’re fun; not too heavy on sci jargo, pretty good on characters, some quirky twists of plot – and I know there are going to be more, and I can tell where they will be, I just can’t quite figure out what they will be.

NOTE: see how I avoided using a pronoun for May? I presume he is a he, but I am not positive…

Later edit: Nope, turns out that she is a she. Maybe I should have picked this from the sometimes-excessive details included.