Daily Archives: November 29th, 2005


When Alias started on TV, we had just got married and did not own a TV. We thought it looked great, but obviously couldn’t watch it. We have, on and off, considered finding the DVDs to watch, but have never got around to it. Until last night, when we hired the first two discs of the first season. It was excellent. We had heard quite conflicting reports from different people, so it was nice not to be disappointed. It could be that as the series progresses, it gets more painful – I can easily imagine that the plot would gt jaded and (dare I say?!) unrealistic, but I really hope they manage to sustain it.

We only watched three episodes. Well; I watched three; J saw two and a half. Which was a real pain, since the third episode ends in a cliff-hanger (I think this clause should end with “of course”; I get the feeling this is going to be something we get used to, and will make us glad that we have the next episode all ready to watch rather than waiting for a week!)… and because I am nice, I decided I couldn’t watch the next episode without him, so I stopped. (He had fallen asleep, in case that wasn’t obvious).