Daily Archives: January 7th, 2006


Well, I guess there’s usually going to a dud in any bunch of cheapo books. I bought a pile of $1 scifi from a second hand bookshop a while ago, and Icerigger, by Alan Dean Foster, was one of them. I don’t think I’ll bother with any more by him.

The ideas themselves were really quite interesting, and some of his characters had a great deal of potential. However, he was trying to do too much. He tried to have some love interest thing going… and he would seem to forget about the female characters for pages on end, and there would be no explanation. This also happened with a couple of other characters. A few of the things that happen to the characters almost seemed a way of padding the book out to its just-over-300 pages, which I guess makes it look a bit more respectable. But for me, this was just a very disappointing book; did not deliver on all it could have.